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Phone: 1-604-560-5868


Phone: 1-604-560-5868

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the device work in an exterior application?

Yes, Safe-T-PunchesTM are all made from corrosive resistant aluminium, stainless steel and tungsten.

Does the device work on double glazed windows?

Yes, Our Safe-T-PunchesTM for double glazed windows clear both the inner and outer glass in standard DGU. An anti-vandal film must be installed on the window.

how do you discourage improper use of Safe-T-PunchTM?

Regular education and familiarity with the importance and use of the Safe-T-PunchTM ensures that the device will be used properly in the event of an emergency. We have had units in service in the UK, Europe, and South Africa for many years and there have been no reported incidents of misuse.

Can the Safe-T-PunchTM be used to harm an individual?

This is very unlikely: the bevelled tungsten pin only extends a millimeter beyond the aluminium barrel of the device itself.

Please do hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding Safe-T-PunchTM